For the Teachers and Assessment Specialists:

Christmas is just around the corner and Be An Angel would like to provide the special needs students, including the hearing impaired, from low income families in your school with Christmas gifts. These gifts are made possible through the generosity of thousands of donors and volunteers within our community.

You have been selected by your district's special education department for participation in this program. Registration of students will begin 8am, October 4th and continue until 3pm, October 29th or until the registration allocation for your district is filled. The person who registers children will have the ability to make changes to registrations up until 3:00pm on the 29th. The children we are targeting are special needs including deaf ed students and come from families that are the most economically challenged in the district. Those students eligible for the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program may be a good starting point for qualification. Students must be considered eligible for an Autistic, Life-skills, MI, MI/VI, PPCD or Deaf Education Program. Students classified as Emotionally Disturbed or Learning Disabled only do not qualify. (They must have additional handicapping conditions).

Below you will find instructions for the easy step-by-step process to register your children. When each "Gift Form" is completed, an acknowledgement email will be sent immediately to the email address you provide on the form. If you do not receive a confirmation email for each child they are NOT registered. Gift bags will be delivered Thursday morning, December 10th.

Please read through all 12 Registration Instructions before beginning the registration process on October 4th.

  • 1. After reading through all 12 steps, click on the following link to go to the Be An Angel Christmas Program Registration page.
  • 2. Click on the "Shopping Request" button and enter information. All information must be accurate and complete. When finished click "Submit".
    (If your school is not on the dropdown list under your district, it was not sent to us by your Special Education Department. Contact your department liaison and have them send us your information.) There will be no H.S. registration this year - Elem, Middle and JR High only!/li>
  • 3. A review page will appear. Review the information you entered, then select "Back to Home Page"
    (Reminder, at this point you have not yet registered any students)
  • 4. If the information on the review page was correct, next select "Child Gift Information".
    If the information on the review page was not correct, use the back button to return to the "Shopping Request" page and edit
  • 5. After clicking on "Christmas Gift Form" you will see a log-in page. Submit with the email you entered on the Shopping Request.
  • 6. Fill out the 'Child Gift Information' completely and accurately for child #1 using a pseudonym (fictitious name) known only to you, then click "Submit'.
  • 7. NO punctuation marks or any special characters can be entered on this form. Examples of 'special characters' include: " ", ', - , ! , $ , ( ) , &
  • 8. If there are more students to be added, click "Add another student" and repeat steps 6-7. On all Child Gift Information pages, use ONLY alphabetic or numeric characters.
  • 9. Continue this process, using a distinct pseudonym for each child, until all students are registered, then simply exit the system.
  • 10. At any time, up until the cut-off date, you may go to the Home Page using the link provided in #1 above, click on "Update Child Gift Information" to remove a child or edit gift information. No other information can be changed.
  • 11. To edit any other information on the Child Gift Information, you must "Remove" that child from the 'Update' box, return to the Home Page and enter new child information by clicking the "Child Gift Information".
  • 12. To add an additional child, do so by clicking the "Child Gift Information" on the Home Page.